Are my submissions anonymised?

Yes. At the point of registration we only capture your email address and username as unique identifiers. We would advise usernames to be kept anonymous as these are displayed next to each contribution. We do not capture your home postcode instead merely the ward in which you live.

What type of information should I contribute?

We are interested in the aspects of the built environment that affect your student life in Southampton. These could be positive factors such as things that you have learned during your time here, or things that you think could be improved upon (by the City Council). Perhaps there are snippets of local knowledge that you have picked up by living here (that if you'd known about to start with, would have made your life easier)? This could be the best place to go and eat, hang out or drink coffee. Alternatively put yourself in the shoes of a City Council decision-maker. If you were to change something (such as a bus route, or levels of street lighting) what would it be?

Does every contribution need a photo?

No. Some things are best described using words alone, so uploading photos is not mandatory to contribute to the project. However we do ask that you provide a location with your description. A good example here would be commenting on Southampton Common as a place you like to visit.